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Japanese food stalls!
This page is a site where you can open the Japanese bento stall style in your country.

This video is the sales scene of my company. Japanese bento style sells. If you sell it in Japan, it will be sold out in 5 minutes!

It's so popular that you should do this business in your country.





We are a company that teaches you the latest Japanese business.
In our lives, electronic payments and work styles have changed and we can use our time effectively.
It is better not to be hired by someone in modern times, but to become a Japanese business owner to get a free life.
Japanese foods are low in fat and healthy, so there is a need in every part of the world.
Therefore, as a sales strategy, you can secure profits with short working hours.
You get work, income and freedom.
Watch a simple video. Summarized business content.


Message from representative

Gig Economy Japanese Food Researcher

Gigwork is not necessarily equal to a project you are passionate about. Gigwork is characterized by low rewards, excessive labor, and instability.
But it's a wonderful way of working to make your life time yours.
My proposal is the next generation gig economy.
It is a style where you become a small president and work in your own organization for free time. If you are worried about the future, you can create your own project and materialize your optimal living environment.
I provide a self-contained gigwork.
Japanese food is directly linked to health and will continue to grow. If you really want freedom, you should do a Japanese sushi lunch that brings high rewards, light labor
and stability.

Career background

Norihisa Hosokawa / Gig Economy Researcher

I am making a mechanism to stabilize the income of gig workers around the world. We aim for a stable economic base with a small number of workers. I want to create a new economic form using Japanese Japanese food. That is a bento. In Japan, it sells out in 5 minutes if sold at a street stall. The characteristic of Japanese sushi stalls is that the economic foundation is prepared with a few minutes of labor.

Sushi was sold at stalls in the Edo period in Japan. This Stall style method still works today. Such sushi from the Edo period is demanded all over the world today. Our business teaches you from sushi making to sales strategy. Mr. Hosokawa is a teacher who teaches sushi business to workers around the world.

↑t is a Japanese sushi stand in the ancient Edo period.

↑ Popular sushi bento

↑Sushi made using sushi production sticks

1.Hello I'm Hosokawa Norihisa. The nickname is Taisho. Taisho means the owner of a Japanese sushi restaurant. I was born in Tokyo, Japan. Age is 51 years old. The workplace is an advisor of a synaptic cascade partnership company run by my wife. I am currently supporting young people and gig workers around the world from Japan. I have never worked for a major company in my career. I wanted to live in the freedom that I needed, so my company duties didn't suit me very much. So I worked as a gig worker for delivery. However, when my child is born wife was worried, it's in the future.

2.I couldn't find the way of my future life, and I was despaired.

My wife was worried about raising a child without knowing what would happen in the future. At that time, I was escaping from anxiety by drinking a large amount of alcohol from anxiety. My heart is not strong, so I put a burden on my wife. For example, my wife was relieved if I became a company employee, but I felt like I was in jail. My economic stability and freedom cannot be acquired at the same time.

I was so uneasy that I couldn't get a job. Life became poor and my wife worried. I can no longer go out of the house. That period has been more than two years. Livelihood is only the income of the wife. That's when I met a sushi teacher. It was a tough job but I wanted to learn. Then I decided to work seriously. I was delighted with the sushi work because I had been unable to find a goal in my life so far.

I felt calm, so I got permission from a sushi teacher and worked on the radio. The radio encouraged many young people. My two years of unemployed experience gave me the best advice. It is “Find a way of life that is not hired by people”. It is a way of life that becomes a person who pleases people in any situation. I have advised them to get a job that gives a healthy diet say that sushi.

That is the lunchbox job. It is a business that makes Japanese sushi bento. With my advice and guidance, sushi bento friends in Japan became 350 stores. I tried it all over the world. I tried selling sushi bento in the world to see if it would be profitable. The result was very popular. I was convinced that this business would be successful.

 I hoped that hope would be born to workers who were worried about the future. What stabilizes your mind is that your income is stable. However, it cannot be executed if the funds are large. So I came up with a sushi stand that was invented during the Edo period in Japan. This is because I thought it would be possible even with a small amount of funds.

4.1. Sushi was developed in the Edo period 200 years ago in Japanese history. In the Edo period, sushi is sold at stalls. Vinegar is an amino acid that helps to relieve fatigue. The townspeople who were tired from labor were healed by sushi. Sushi is necessary for us who are cerebrally tired with computers today. It is popular because it is a meal that can eliminate our fatigue. So I felt that business that sushi is successful.

4.2. I was fascinated by sushi that can eliminate fatigue. I thought this business had a future.
 And we opened a Japanese traditional Edo-style stall in Tokyo. Since it was a stand, it was possible to prepare at low cost just by setting up a tent by car.


Anyone is interested in a meal that makes their bodies healthy. In particular, the business of casually ordering Japanese sushi was popular. Please talk to your friends too. How do you feel when Japanese sushi arrives at home? You should check your friends' reactions.


4.4. The key to the success of this business is the low initial business costs.
If you want to get a firm store, you need a lot of money. If it fails, only the debt remains. But if it ’s a food stall, it ’s easy to pay.
The remaining task is to learn how to make sushi.
Of course, there are areas where stalls are regulated in hygiene laboratories. Please check beforehand because there is a law.


This is my case. This stall can be set up immediately by car. In my case, I will install a sushi lunch box like this. The bento for 50 people will be sold at a rate of 1 in 5 seconds. And it will be sold out in 5 minutes. The reason for its popularity is because it is a healthy food. Japanese sushi does not gain weight. That is why the body feels better. Therefore, many people want you to sell it.

6.I provide such a sushi business to people all over the world. However, it is not possible to sell just by teaching how to make it. I also teach how to sell. The two axes of this manufacturing method and sales method work together to form sales. And business must continue. I will follow your business development for a long time.

7. The good thing about this sushi bento is that rivals can't imitate. .

  The reason is that rivals cannot make sushi rice. Even in Japan, restaurant owners cannot imitate sushi restaurants. How to make sushi rice is kept secret. I will tell you this secret. This allows you to make sushi freely.

This is a secret sushi digest. The sushi education video will be explained in English. The detailed amount of recipes and manufacturing methods and recipes are also open to you.

Originally, to learn sushi, you need to come to Japan and learn. First learn Japanese. In addition, I train for several years at a sushi restaurant. The secret of sushi is the secret that can finally be reached over many years.

8.If you take my program, you can learn at home. You can learn in the meantime you are doing your own work. And once you learn it, it will be your property. Work skills that lead to the future protect you from unemployment.


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