I am your representative. My name is Hosokawa.

COVID-19 may be a virus that promotes "food evolution" in human history. In other words, it is the evolution of humanity. That's what inspired me to write this book.



It's cruel, but the nations killed more than they did during the war. The reason it is cruel is that humanity cannot stop it from now on.



I know that COVID-19 is an ultrahigh-order substance that surpasses human civilization. It is a messenger with invisible intent. The reason for that intention will be known to humankind after the disaster.


While humanity is fighting COVID-19, it is impossible to know the intention of COVID-19. The human brain cannot immediately read the intent of an unknown messenger.


In other words, it is unreadable even on a supercomputer of a masterpiece made by humankind. Therefore, even the human cerebrum cannot understand the intention of COVID-19.


But there are things I can understand. It is an intuition that cannot be seen in the words "humans seem to have been forced by the earth to undergo radical changes."

Let me explain to you my thoughts.


Let's set aside the basics of science once. Let me tell you what I understand. It feels like the virus is currently analyzing the human genome. I feel like COVID-19 is traveling around the world and analyzing genomic information from different races.


The reason is that it will further affect humanity and force difficult evolution. From COVID-19, I feel the will of the earth.


Seen from the earth, humans are a threatening race to the earth, and human beings are the defendants if there is a galaxy trial by the will of the planet. Humankind is an entity that destroys the Earth, and has announced that it will continue to be destroyed, and it is absolutely impossible to stop that action. Also, humankind does nothing for the earth.


You are the defendant, I am also the defendant.

The environment of the earth is just before the exposure of cosmic rays due to atmospheric damage accompanying the development of human civilization. Scientific journals have recently announced that there have been major fluctuations in the magnetosphere, ionosphere, thermosphere, and lower atmospheres (mesosphere, stratosphere, and troposphere). If cosmic rays reach the ground due to atmospheric problems, life will disappear until more than 100 million years have passed before Geospace can be restored. Also, I don't know how many deadlines and how many times the unit of 100 million should be counted before the geospace is restored and humanity can keep civilization from there. If the sun were willing to hate the defendant and protect the precious planet, it might be possible to take measures to blow away the earth's magnetic field at once with the solar wind called corona. The magnetic barrier of the earth also greatly prevents high-energy particles called cosmic rays from directly hitting the earth.


The global environment in which we live is protected by double barriers. The earth is protected from cosmic rays by magnetic and atmospheric barriers.


The sun has enough energy to erase this magnetic barrier. But it has not yet been taken historically. If the sun exceeds the permissible limits for humanity's abuse of the earth, its execution is immediate.


However, because the earth is kind to humankind, we may be willing to give humanity an “awareness opportunity” and, in a sense, give the defendant a reprieve. I think that is the intention of the earth using the new coronavirus COVID-19.


Unfortunately, this cannot be accompanied by scientific evidence. The level of civilization is not mature by the time science proves what the mind feels. And I'm a quantum physicist and cook, and I don't have the power to give you a scientific paper.


However, I think it's good to talk about what I'm secretly feeling. "It seems that the earth has the intention of erasing the human body of the body composed of food of scientific substances, leaving the genetic body of the human body having the body that ingested the earth's food." I believe that the intention is to build a body that survives when cosmic rays cover the earth with the possible destruction of geospace due to future solar fluctuations. A diet covered with chemical additives is a toxic, unnatural mass that is toxic in the light of human history.


On the other hand, human beings who depend on the benefits of the poisoned food have been freed from the food conflict. I had peace without having to fight for food security. However, there may be secrets that the body made up of chemical food may be a problem.


Future era of earth's magnetosphere change due to the sun's corona change. The intention is that a body that cannot bear this cannot be forgiven. In other words, I think that the earth has the intention to evolve humanity into a body structure that can live in harsh environments. The earth is kind and still allows humanity.



For this reason, COVID-19 selects human beings who infect humans and ingest natural foods that are not covered by food chemicals, and humans who have enterobacteria in the small intestine. I feel like I am infected and scanning genes.


COVID-19 is selecting the genes on commission from the earth. We select humans who constantly eat chemical substances and humans who mainly eat natural ingredients.


In fact, COVID-19 to date has a low mortality rate in countries that eat natural and modest diets. On the contrary, there are many deaths in Europe and the United States, which eat a diet high in food additives.

Humans who eat foods rich in food additives will continue to encounter COVID-19 selections.Cooks who can make food delicious can protect humanity from the selection of COVID-19. For humanity, we can help humanity by adding a little natural food to the menu! Do you want to try it!




Therefore, we, restaurant owners, can be said to be a sublime occupation that has the potential to help people on earth. Depending on the menu provided by your store, it is possible to change the body constituents of local people. It is a job that the government and doctors cannot do. The right to choose ingredients is left to the manager. Restaurants can create the human body.


After 500 years, the status of a cook will be a more noble job than a doctor, so you're great.The reason is that food is a substance that determines the existence of living things. When food disappears, living things also disappear.


It is a providence of nature.


The information described in this book serves as a notification that the human diet has changed. And, in order to get closer to the kindness of the earth and to obtain the suspension of execution, this book requests that it should work to remove the processing chemical substances of food provided to humankind.



Long ago, when mankind didn't have a word, mankind succeeded in the scientific revolution of cooking food with fire. Over time, food formed a group life and became a ritual and magic.


After that, mankind invents grazing and agriculture that make food.・Mankind will enter the war era of territorial expansion in order to self-sufficient food. Every race has had a war in history.Food is the basis of maintaining the life of humankind, and there is a history of always betting and protecting it.


Today, food is produced in large quantities by the power of science, processed, frozen and distributed, and is distributed across the world's borders. Food stability leads to the present peace. Food stability leads to the present peace. It is an invention that chemical seasonings and preservatives extend the shelf life of food. The reason for the war has disappeared from humanity.


But it's ironic. It was a hindrance to the biological evolution of mankind.

Therefore, let's devise a cook to make natural food, change the menu, and provide it to humanity. It impresses people, we can do it, you guys!


People were impressed by music and movies, and they continued to seek it whether they were in war or in a disaster. Similarly, cooking can impress people. The work of a culinary expert is required around the world. This is because people are touched by delicious food.


Today, the only source of energy that humans feel in their brain is the food you cook. COVID-19 may be a virus that promotes "food evolution" in human history. In other words, it is the evolution of the human body using food. The Earth's intention is that human beings consume natural foods and want to strengthen to humans who have more bacteria in their small intestine.


It is us, the cooks, who are expected to carry out this evolution from the earth and the sun. Yeah, you know. You are the protagonist.



Yes, no politician, no official, noble revolutionary, and no millionaire can cook delicious food like you.


•You are the only savior of the Earth and the Sun that has the ability to affect the human body.


This book is an inspirational book written for saviors like you.


 People have evolved into an era in which they enjoy themselves by having their food eaten in their individual spaces, withdrawing from the appeal of space and the appeal of customers. People learned about infection prevention and knew the danger of getting infected in the restaurant space. In order to avoid risk, we are now in the era of procuring food by delivery.

The area of food delivery has evolved. This is a book that will give you tips on how to set up a food delivery business structure.


With the encounter of COVID-19, it has become commonplace for human beings to deliver food to the home.


 Delivery leaves food and room for fun even if cities around the world are blocked by COVID-19.



Especially Uber Eats, which has evolved food with technology. This book was written by a savvy entrepreneur who has been a successful badge holder for UberEats. It is not a book written by management consultants.


The desk teacher can't hold a knife, can't cook rice, can't handle a frying pan. I don't think such a person can really give a chef the guidance. The author of this book, like you, is a chef who cooks and cooks everyday every day.



Speaking of differences, I am a quantum physicist despite being a cook. Furthermore, I am a scientist majoring in brain physiology. In addition, I became a trained cook. After that, I had a great success managing a restaurant using Uber Eats. As a scientist, I have condensed the success know-how of Uber Eats into a book.


Clarify the motivating mechanism from appetite and spike activity of nerve cells in the brain. It combines Uber Eats technology with my know-how. This serves the purpose of keeping regular customers in the trade area and keeping sales.I would like you to provide people with food that contributes to your health via your Uber Eats courier.



The human genetic code will be the form that the earth wants.

The body should be able to withstand the destruction of geospace by the solar corona blast.

I pray that the intentions of the earth will spread to cooks around the world.



I want you to become a savior who saves humanity.


Yes, you are a savior that embodies the evolution of humanity. The role of strengthening human genes in food is a part of your life. Don't forget you


  Protect human genetic makeup with food until the end of your life. Currently, help people within 3 km of your store's business area.


Yes, that is the chef's new role and way of life.


That's why I teach you UberEats how to make your store thrive.




The proceeds of this book will be returned to medical professionals. Donate to the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland. The tax payment amount will be deducted and the remaining amount will be remitted and donated.


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